The indicative prices bellow include

  • grinding
  • putting (or repair of defects), if necessary then a spray putty
  • filler
  • underwater grinding
  • primer
  • hydrographics printing
  • 2 coats of varnish with high UV filter
  • polishing

For an idea of the whole work, watch the video on the main page.

To process the price calculation or to prepare a sample for serial production, please contact us with the form bellow.


rearview mirrors from 1 800 CZK/pair
motorbike tank from 3 200 CZK
motorbike fender from 1 500 CZK
motorbike trunk from 2 500 CZK
helmet from 2 000 CZK
motorbike complete from 8 000 CZK
ALU wheel from 1 800 CZK
cooler cover, wiper cover from 900 CZK
engine cover from 1 500 CZK
driving wheel, door handles (4 pcs), ventilation covers from 1 500 CZK
wing from 1 800 CZK
car interior complete from 5 000 CZK


Electro accessories

switches, sockets from 100 CZK
handy case from 200 CZK
tablet, keyboard from 700 CZK
gaming console etc. from 900 CZK
PC case from 2 000 CZK

Sports equipment and weapons

helmet from 2 000 CZK
ski from 3 000 CZK/pair
snowbord, skateboard from 2 200 CZK
bike – frame from 5 000 CZK
bike – fork from 1 800 CZK
handgun from 2 100 CZK
rifle from 2 000 CZK
bow, crossbow from 1 000 CZK

Hydrographics workshop

half day 2 500 CZK
whole day 5 000 CZK



Disclaimer: each work contains small logo in the size of 5 x 45 mm (practically invisible), unless otherwise agreed within the contract.

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