We create original design

We are a professional WTP studio with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic.

We use the water transfer printing to customize the design of various surfaces and materials.

We change the look of your motorbike, car interior, notebook, weapon or anything else for much lower price compared to traditional designing methods. 

Original design
for original people

If you want it your way. If you dare to cross the line. 
If you are not like others. If you want it different. 

Surface preparation

Hydrofoil application

Two coats of varnish

How do we work

Hydrographics is a traditional car painting with one difference – we ad the hydrographics foil between the paint and the top coat. This is how wonderful design gems are created.

Every customer, every order is original. And so we approach you. We always try to meet your ideas as much as possible, or advise and find the right solution so that you are 100% satisfied.

It is not a boring job. That’s why we enjoy it and we create everything with love and honesty. We want you to come back to us with other unique ideas. Whether it will be a trifle for joy or serial production.

We look forward to you!

We are the lognest operating hydrographics studio in the Czech Republic. 

As with any activity, training makes masters. We have beedń making hydrographics  professionally for 5 years.

We set trends and bring innovations and new procedures from abroad to the Czech Republic.

We have the largest diving tank in the Czech republic with a dipping area of 2.6 x 1.2 m, equipped with an electric diving arm. That is why we are ia. able to print on the bumpers as a whole.

If you are interested we will also connect you with our colleague designer.


“I have three motorcycles at the moment. Every year I let the guys from HG Česko make a new coat for at least one of them. Always perfect work, always meeting deadlines and prices. You have me in your studio again in the spring.”

Adam Exner, real estate manager and biker

“Thanks to Hydrografika Česko I have a luxurious board which catches everyone’s sights. It looks exactly the way I wanted it, not the way some designer wanted it. And ceramic varnish makes it truly immortal. Perfect job indeed!”

Lucka G., snowbitch 

“My Porsche tells others who I am, whom are they dealing with. I want it to be original, because I am orginal too. Hydrographics helped me a lot to achieve it. All the stylish details, petty touches and gadgets make it the perfect car.”

Christian Weisel

Hydrografika Česko

Vrbová 375

251 63 Strančice

Phone: +420 607 681 081

E-mail:  hydro-grafika@seznam.cz

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